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Buy & Sell

The buildings in LORDLESS are mapped to the real world on one by one basis, where you can buy buildings which you can never buy in the real world. The original buildings are sold to users by LORDLESS official. Once you become a lord, you can sell your building in the Free Market. You can also buy buildings in the secondary market, which determines the price of the building as a free market.


LORDLESS Building is a kind of digital asset. The more famous the real world’s building is, the higher initial price it is given in LORDLESS. Since the LDA in the LORDLESS world is corresponding to the real world, the LDA has very high investment value. Users can use LESS to purchase bathing centers downstairs, Mount Fuji in Japan, and even the White House in the United States. With the improvement of the flow of ecology around the buildings, the value of the buildings will increase significantly. Early buying as an investment is undoubtedly the most rational choice, and the building can be sold in the free market when it reaches the expected value.


More Powerful Than Real World

Distribution & Claiming Candy

One of LDB's core functions is to distribute multiple digital assets. More and more tokens sending to the users are via Candy Airdrop. The traditional airdrop mode has no interactive interface, and it is costly and not friendly to the user. In LORDLESS, users claim candy in the LDB through the game interface, and the LDB's Level determines how much candy to be distributed. LDB with higher candy distribution capability will attract more users accordingly. The performance of these users claiming candy will level LDB up to complete a closed loop of traffic-ecology.


When the traffic-ecology achieves a particular scale, the role of advertising will be brought into full play. As a LORD, you can set specific advertisements for LDB to cash out the traffic. When multiple promotions appear in the user's vision at the same time, they will be analyzed according to the user's behavior and screened out the most appropriate one for the current user. Relying on LORDLESS built on the blockchain, these advertisements are not only for a traditional industry, but also the implantation of cryptocurrency advertising will be even more powerful.


What Are We Making For You


LORDLESS Token, LESS, which is an ERC-20 token, is the only digital currency circulating in LORDLESS. LESS can be used to pay all digital assets in LORDLESS and even real-world goods and offline services, creating the value for tokens.


LDB, LORDLESS Building, is a rare and specific digital asset in LORDLESS and it is an ERC-721 token. In the first world of LORDLESS, it is allocable, but not replaceable. Most of the interactions in the virtual world are dependent on LDB. The core information of the LDB will be stored on the blockchain to ensure the immutability of this digital assets.


LORDs are users who own an LDB. The LORD has full access to LDB, including but not limited to LDB's buying and selling, decoration, advertising decisions, candy distribution, and custom feature development based on official API. All the earnings in LDB will fall into the LORD’s pocket.

Prestige Value

The prestige value is a symbol of a user's power in LORDLESS. The higher prestige value you have, the more significant contribution you can make and the higher influence you have in the virtual world. The primary way to gain prestige value is to purchase LDB right now.

Level of Building

Building level is an essential measure of LDB. Many factors such as the number of interactions, frequency, and time between the user and the LDB determine the LDB level. The higher the LDB’s level is, the more energy the LDB can radiate. For example, assuming the times of a user claiming candy daily is limited, the LDB with higher Level can distribute more candy. In this way, users will actively look for an LDB which can distribute more candy once to interact.


LDA, short for LORDLESS Application, is an open application running on LDB. If you are LORD as well as a developer, you can develop a series of customized functions based on the LORDLESS official APIs, which allow users to interact with your LDB in a more diversified way, and even add many self-contained features to improve the traffic-ecology of the entire LDB.


Create Amazing Applications


Hundreds of furniture, utilities, appliances and other functional equipment are provided to help you perfect your LDB in the virtual world. Some of them will be used in the decorating scene, and some also called accessories will not add function to LDB; others, such as cashiers, will provide payment functions for the current LDB. Regardless of whether these devices offer additional capacity for LDB, they will help LDB's value increase.


Custom development based on the LORDLESS official APIs is assuredly the most amazing part. The appearance of LDA provides infinite diversity for LORDLESS. The ultimate vision of LORDLESS is to get through the virtual world (online) to the real world (offline). Leveraging the payment API development function to achieve the purchase of real goods and the payment of offline services is the ultimate value of blockchain technology.


Reasonable Selection & Best Practices

SDK Layer

The SDK layer is the medium between LORDLESS official APIs and developers. Based on this layer developers can develop thousands of creative applications.

Presentation Layer

The presentation layer is the reflection of the LORDLESS world. This layer implements the running logic of the entire virtual world, the calling methods of the consensus layer and presentation methods of the storage layer.

Consensus Layer & Storage Layer

The consensus layer implements all smart contracts based on Ethereum, storing all of the decentralized digital assets. The storage layer is based on IPFS and stores all decentralized static resources.


Initiation of the idea of LORDLESS in a Shanghai’s Starbucks.

ISet up founder team of LORDLESS.

Finalize Product prototype of LORDLESS.

Architecture layer technology selection.

Layered model design.

Confirm open platform technology solution of LORDLESS.

Release LORDLESS whitepaper.

LordLess version 1.0 arrival.

Open one thousand buildings for trading.

Release free market, basic user system, and map system.

Reach 10000 Day Active User.

Provide more than 20 kinds of candy (Token).

Release open platform for developers.

Offline payments function.